Rental Application
Once you have found a property you are interested in, it is recommended that you fill out an application as soon as possible to begin the rental application process. Our online rental application can be found here. Our properties are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will continue to market until an approved applicant has submitted the security deposit for the property.

Application Fees
The rental application fee is $25 per application. Everyone over the age of 18 years old, who will be living in the home, will need to fill out a separate application. Your application will stay on file for 90 days, and we can always transfer your application to another property once you are approved to rent with us. Application fees are non-refundable.

Rental Approval Criteria

  • Income Qualifications: Applicants must have a gross income of 3 times the amount of the rental per month.
  • Credit Check: An Experian credit report is run. Some items of concern include collections, charge offs, liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures etc.
  • Bankruptcies; must be older than 3 years. Proof of bankruptcy discharge will be considered.
  • Criminal Background Check: Felonies are an automatic denial.
  • Rental Verification: Rental references from previous landlords are obtained. Applicants who owe prior landlord rental balance will be automatically denied. Any balance on utility bills must be paid.

Documents Needed

  • Proof of picture ID, i.e., driver’s license, passport
  • Proof of income (bi-weekly = 2 paystubs, weekly = 4 paystubs)
  • Letter of Employment, if applicable
  • W-2 form, if applicable
  • Tax filing from previous year, if applicable
  • Renter’s Insurance policy

Renter’s Insurance
As of January 1st, 2018, Renter’s Insurance is required for all new move in’s and all renewal lease agreements. The renter’s insurance policy must list Rinehart Property Management as a party of interest and the minimum amount of liability coverage shall be $100,000.

Additional party of interest:

Rinehart Property Management
1339 Ebenezer Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Tel. 803-329-3285

Co-signors and Guarantors
When an applicant has some negative credit items or the income does not meet requirements, applicant(s) may need to have co-signors or guarantors to also sign the lease. By doing so, co-signors or guarantors agree to take on the financial responsibility if the applicant(s) is unable to make rent payment. The co-signor or guarantor must fill out and be approved on a separate rental application.


First Rights of Refusal
We will meet you to review the details and terms of the lease. At this meeting, some items we will discuss are rent payment policy, due dates, late payment fees, legal fee, security deposit, pet deposit, tenant responsibilities, renter’s insurance and landlord’s access.

You will also receive a move in checklist to assist with recording the condition of the rental property and document nonfunctional repairs noted within 3 days from move-in date.

Utilities Service
Prior to taking possession of the rental property and signing of the lease, we will require you to transfer utility service for that property into your name. You will need to contact utility service providers to turn on service for your rental property and provide us confirmation of transfer.

Security Deposit and Pro-rated Rents
As landlords, we will require a security deposit before you move in. Once you are approved to rent with us, you will be asked to bring in the security deposit payment at the First Rights of Refusal meeting. This amount is not rent for the property but a deposit that we will use to cover damages at the time of move-out. Additionally, if you begin your lease during any day of the month other than the beginning of a normal rent cycle, you will be provided a pro-rated amount of rent to bring in as additional payment prior to your move-in date. Please note that security deposits are non-refundable and need to be in the form of certified funds.

Pet Policy
Many of our properties welcome pets as additional family members! Please keep in mind, some properties do not allow pets.

Lease Signing
We will coordinate with you to set up a date and time to sign the lease and pick up the keys to the rental property. Every adult that will be residing in the rental property will have to be at the signing of the lease. If there are any co-signor(s) or guarantor(s), they will all need to come in and sign their own agreement. Any remaining deposit amount or pet deposits will be due at this time. Please read through and ask if you have any questions about the lease; a lease is a legally binding document.